My father has always had very, very vivid dreams. My entire life we have gotten good laughs out of him retelling his dreams. Usually he dreams about protecting my mother from something or trying to stay out of danger. During these dreams he has frequently moves from the dream land to the physical.

For instance, once, many years ago, he was dreaming that he was caught in a crowd of protestors on a university campus. Their leader was getting confrontational with my dad and he started throwing punches to protect my mom.

Except that it was a dream. But he still threw punches in real life, resulting in my mom getting a big, black bruise when he slammed her with a left hook while fighting his dream nemesis.

She wasn’t so happy about being woken up from her own slumber with a well-intentioned wallop.

Another time he dreamed he was in a room with large wooden beams crossing the ceiling. As he was watching one of the beams started to fall, quickly, and my dad knew that he had to get out of the way fast if he wanted to avoid being pinned by that beam.

Once again, his dream world intruded upon the physical world and my mom woke up to him howling, pinned in between the bed and bedside table where he had hurled himself to get out of the way of the falling beam.

As my dad ages it seems like his dreams are becoming even stronger and more varied.

Earlier this week he dreamed that my mom asked him to go and get the rocking chair from the spa room. That particular rocking chair is covered with stuffed animals.

It appears my dad didn’t ask any questions of my mom in the dream about why she needed a rocking chair moved in the middle of the night – he just went to work.

My mom woke up the next morning completely surrounded by stuffed animals. They were heaped across the foot of the bed and snuggled up next to her, surrounding her in a comfortable pool of polyester blend loveys.

Turns out my dad took four trips from the spa room to the bedroom with armfuls of stuffed animals in order to make my mom happy and follow her dream-proclaimed mandate.

Ah! He’s a good guy. And… if you ever start to wonder, I’m pretty sure my imagination is genetic!

After I told this story to another friend she shared a funny story from another couple:

“Reminds me of the story my friend told of when she was staying in the spare bedroom of her sister’s home after a move.

They had just moved and the room was filled to the ceiling with boxes. She awoke frightened to death because her husband (who is a sleepwalker) was stuffing her in a closet yelling,”Gotta save you from the train! Gotta get off the tracks!” Her screams finally woke him up.

I don’t that she was ever the same after that….”

What crazy dreams have you had?

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