Coffee Cake

Today is a rainy day and rainy days weigh on me like a load of 1,000 Hostess powdered doughnuts.

I find myself craving comfort food, communing with my dvd player and wallowing in sweat pants that should have been retired in the early 90’s but have been saved by the sheer, soft, cuddliness of their being.

I was standing at the coffee pot thinking about what to make today for food that would satisfy my inner child and asked out loud, “Hm… I wonder how you make coffee cake?”

Dos was right there with an answer.

“Oh, I know!” she said quickly.

Her hands came up to her chest for better gesticulation and her eyes twinkled.

“You put the coffee here,” she indicate the space to the left of the coffee pot handle on my coffeemaker, “and you put the muffins here,” again, she gestured to the coffee pot handle, only she was very clear the muffins would be placed to the right of the coffee pot handle.

Dos clicked importantly two times and straightened her thoughts out to continue.

“Then you put the cake in the top and it squoiles around,” (“squoil” being the technical term I believe means “mix”) Dos started rotating her arms to make sure I was clear on the process she was describing.

“Then you squoil, and squoil and squoil and then you have coffee cake!”

Just in case you were wondering…

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