You guys were about as sweet as a barracuda to a tadpole with the hilarity available with your questions for the 100th post!  I will try, nonetheless, to inject humor because I am that kind of competitor.

1.  Qualities Most Valued in a Friend?  This is an easy one!  My friend should wear the same size clothing as I do and allow me free access to their closet.  And have a working knowledge of how to locate places like Ogden Ranch Rd. while toting a shovel.

2.  What about College Students Surprised Me?  What Would I Change?  Most college students I know think academics are important but secondary to any romantic opportunities that may appear.  Academics versus Crushing?  Crushing wins every time.  I also think students don’t shower or launder frequently.

3.  Five Year Plan Five Years Ago and To Come.  Five years ago today my sweet Uno was four months old.  I was certain she’d be composing concertos by now. And that I would have a flat stomach and enough time to read Gone With The Wind four times through without pause because my household was running so smoothly.  The next five years?  I’m going to go all Scarlett O’Hara and say “I will think about that tomorrow” but I hope for the demise the lard baby, to still be madly in love with Lizard and will likely have bleacher bottom from attending a lot of kids soccer games.

4.  Dumping Poop in the RV.  The Professionals are still working on the underbelly of the RV so I haven’t gotten a knowledge of RV poop dumping yet.   You’ll just have to have your own poop dumping experiences.  The end.

5.  “Ah-Ha” Moments with the Girls.  Did you know Oprah spawned the phrase “ah-ha” moment?  You watch Oprah?!  I thought she was retired?  What?!

6.  Why is Lizard called Lizard on StealingFaith.com?  I promise is was not because he can catch flies with his long and bendy tongue.  Nor does he eat flies.  Well, I bet he would on a dare because he’s that kind of guy.  I don’t have a real reason.  His parent-given name has a “zzz” sound in it and I just felt like it.  Back off, already.

7.  Surviving change with the Economy and Such.  Guess what?  There’s no problem with the economy!  The bigwigs say so!  I read a post called It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck that is incredibly harsh but holds kernels of truth.  U.S. Americans tend to believe we are “owed” a living, “owed” prosperity, “owed” happiness because we live on this continent.  I don’t believe I am “owed” anything.  I’m just grateful to be living in a place where I don’t fear people will burst into my house at will to rape me and spear my babies with bayonets.  It’s all about perspective.  (I remind myself of that almost daily.)

Done!  All your questions in one post, six hundred words or less for the 100th submission.  Hurray!  Thank you, you evil people!  I will be revisiting these topics in future posts because, truthfully, they deserve much more than the flippant answers I gave, but I promise you’ll want to stop by tomorrow because I’m going to share the lessons learned from air travel with three children aged five and under.

It’s gonna be awesome.

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2 thoughts on “100!

  • June 17, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Regarding #7… seems like you might have *some* expectations, i.e. not getting raped. Everyone has expectations and that doesn’t mean they feel “owed.” I think there has to be a bottom line standard of living– an economy with jobs, freedoms like press and religion, the pursuit of happiness, etc. Since we live in collective nations, there is an expectation of giving (taxes, work, whatever) and getting (paved roads, 911 services, basic human rights, etc.) that makes life work.

    • June 17, 2011 at 3:37 pm

      Look at you getting all smart and stuff! I actually agree with you – but it’s a far better place to start with looking at the world as a place full of blessings rather than a place of “not enoughs.”


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