I’ll Fly Away

My goodness, it is bright and early today.  We are preparing to drive to the airport after a wonderful weekend of wedding bliss!

The girls were flower girls for the wedding of some dear friends yesterday.  I’m not sure they’ll be asked again since Uno collapsed into a Job-like, “why me?!” heap during the prayer and spent the unity sand time picking her nose while Dos wiggled and sniggled and left the ceremony only to turn around at the back door and shoot straight back in, almost colliding with the exiting maid of honor.

Other than that they were wonderful.  But I’m not sure it was a great advertisement for anyone else to enlist their services.

All this excitement leads us to today, when we are getting up at the crack of dawn to make it to the airport for our flights home.

The girls are asleep as I’m typing this and Uno is using Dos as a pillow.  Uno’s head is firmly planted on Dos’ midsection while Dos’ hand is gently karate chopping Uno’s neck.

Good times.

I’m dreading waking any of them up, I feel like once I do that the pace of the morning is going to change dramatically.

And I haven’t even had coffee yet.

I feel compelled to take this exact moment to apologize for any typographical errors you find in my posts.  I was rereading previous episodes of StealingFaith.com and found so many typos it made my heart sick.

I promise, I do read through the posts before hitting “publish.”  I even use the spell checker.  I don’t know how things are getting so messy and I will do my best to make it stop but in the meantime, I just need to ask for forgiveness.

Thank you.

Pray for us today, won’t you please?  I can only imagine the joy the airline staff will be experiencing when we hit those planes.

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