Hurdy-Gurdy Revealed

Swing Vote: Maine = SUCCESS!!!

Yesterday Elise from Portland, ME (that’s the largest city in Maine) answered the challenge and visited She even commented and sent me some pictures she’s taken of her beloved homeland. And man, are they pretty! Thanks to Heather for sending Elise our way!

There’s also a visitor from Bangor… which means it’s possible Stephen King came to the website because that’s his hometown! (Of course, it could have been anyone in the 30,000+ town but regardless, welcome, welcome!)

Today is the last day of the campaign to get someone from Maine to visit this website and I think it’s high time we discussed the water along the state.

Not only does Maine have the city in the US which receives the frist rays of sun every day (Eastport), it also boasts 2,000 islands and 63 lighthouses.

I don’t know the islands affect the lobster trade but I do know the lighthouses help make certain sailors don’t go kaplewee and smash into one of the rocky shorelines with enough natural harbors the entire navies of the world could be anchored along the Maine shoreline!

I’ll always be grateful for the inspiration of the lighthouse photo of violent waves crashing with the byline, “A ship in a harbor is safe – but that is not what ships were built for.”

When I get a chance to actually visit Maine I’m going to make it a point to stop at the Bryant Stove Works and Museum in Thorndike Village. (How cool is it they live in a place whose actual name is a Village?!)

While I’m at the Bryant Stove Works Museum I can see “an eclectic collection of antique cast iron stoves, parlor heaters, roadsters and touring cars. In addition, the museum features antique layer pianos, pipe organs and music boxes, calliopes, nickelodeons, and hurdy-gurdys.”

What the heck is a hurdy-gurdy?! I read this and thought for a minute I’d be looking at something quite naughty!

Never fear, it’s not naughty.

A hurdy-gurdy is the genetic offspring of the mating between an accordion and violin. It’s not a particularly attractive musical instrument, but then, mules aren’t particularly attractive either but they sure do provide an important service to the travelers at the Grand Canyon.

I do hope you’ll all be able to pass the quiz on Maine! And Mainers, does this convince you of our love, even though it’s not often spoken loudly?!

I’ll finish with the last facts from Elise about Maine – and this is the REAL STUFF because she’s a REAL PERSON WHO LIVES IN MAINE!:

  • We have running water, electricity, and television!
  • No, we don’t use outhouses.
  • Yes, I’ve seen a moose, although I don’t go out of my way to find one because they are more dangerous than you might think.
  • We are indeed a part of the U.S., NOT Canada– and we are our own state (although originally part of Massachusetts).

And that, my friends, is that. I’m always open to learning more about Maine! (Although, I confess last night I saw the new Ocean Spray commercial about sparkling cranberry juice and got really excited about the possibility of Ocean Spray being from Maine. That’s a funny commercial! But it has nothing to do with Maine.

Lizard says, “Blueberries, not cranberries!” in a duh tone of voice. He was right.)

Have a great day and if you know any Maine people, still send them this way!

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One thought on “Hurdy-Gurdy Revealed

  • July 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    So happy to hear we Mainers have begun to “represent” 🙂 I can send you a picture of Stephen King’s place– as I’m actually in Bangor, not Portland. However when you do make it up this way, the Old Port in Portland is a fantastic place to visit (be sure to visit Grace which is a pub/restaurant that used to be an old church– awesome!!) Other places of note: Mount Katahdin (setting for the famous work ‘Lost on a Mountain in Maine which is a true story), also Bar Harbor (Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park), and of course stop in and visit moi! 🙂 We Mainers are known to be good hosts!


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