I don’t want to be immature but I can’t seem to help myself.

Phoenix, Arizona was hit today with the second haboob in one month.

And, even though the word “haboob” makes me want to giggle, it’s not naughty.

Unless you own a swimming pool – if that’s the case this is a really dirty situation.

For the uninitiated, a haboob is a dust storm to an amazing degree.  I don’t know if people in Arizona should be proud or not – typically haboobs are only found in the Sahara desert.

And sometimes Texas.

The first haboob of the month hit Phoenix on July 5.  There were gusts of wind up to 69 miles per hour, which means, my Oklahoma friends, Phoenix does not win the war based on wind speed but does win the war based on pure ick.

Swimming pools all over the Phoenix valley turned into mud pits.  Which, if you’re into mud wrestling, could be a bonus but most people prefer crystal clear water for their swimming pools.

Up in my Mountain Town we did not get a haboob today.

(I’m still giggling.  Haboob.  Haboob, haboob, haboob!)

We did get a solid lightning storm with crashes of thunder so loud the poodles were quivering under my legs and the girls refused to take a nap.

In fact, I answered the business phone today seconds before there was a crack of thunder and my caller was cussing on the other end.

Turns out she had lightening hit her backyard as she was making the phone call.  The crazy thing is the phone rang, I answered, and then I heard the massive thunder over the sound of her expletives.

Funny stuff.

Lightening hit the mini storage once, about 10 years ago.  I was here, I saw it, it happened about 25 feet away from me.

The lightening hit a tree and my world exploded in noise.  I screamed at the top of my lungs, certain I was about to die, and then there was simply the absence of noise and the ringing of my ears.

Lightening didn’t hit here today, so that was a good thing.  The girls finally took a nap, which was also a good thing.

And I get to say haboob incessantly.

I’m thinking life is good.

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