Sorry, I Didn’t Leave a Toothbrush

Dear Uno,

I know you lost your front tooth today and that is a big milestone. One of my favorite parts of being the Tooth Fairy is collecting first lost teeth.

I keep all front teeth in a collection and give them back to the very best children across the world at Christmas time.

Tonight as you were praying, I heard your hope that I would not bring you a gold dollar coin. You requested a present, like a toothbrush, instead of the coin.

As much as I would like to satisfy your request, I only give gold dollar coins in return for teeth.

I am but a little fairy, a toothbrush would be too large for me to carry as I fly, it would completely alter my flight pattern.

The gold dollar coin, that is also a challenge to fly with, but is more aerodynamically compatible with my wing span. Plus, if I get hungry as I’m flying I’m able to stop, set the coin down, and use it as my dining room table.

It’s quite portable.

Please forgive me for not meeting your request. Perhaps you can use your gold dollar coin to buy your own toothbrush.

After seeing the condition of your tooth, I expect you will need a toothbrush more than a gold coin.


The Tooth Fairy

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One thought on “Sorry, I Didn’t Leave a Toothbrush

  • September 10, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I love it! That’s an awesome note!


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