Swing Vote: Nevada – it’s golden!

Well, thanks to Pam, Swing Vote: Nevada is a success! Not only is Pam awesome, all of you who shared StealingFaith with your Nevada friends are pretty sweet, too!

Pam wrote last night to let me know Nevada is ok, except when it’s HOT, HOT, HOT (and I’m not talking about the song, here.).

Which makes sense. After all, most of the state is desert and clocks in a whopping 7 inches of rainfall a year. It’s parched.

It’s logical to assume the lack of water is why the Kangaroo Rat, a.k.a. the “Kennedy Rat” lives in Nevada in the Death Valley area. That crazy animal lives its entire life without drinking a single drop of water.

I don’t understand it, but it’s true.

I like water. I like drinking Coke more than I like drinking water, but, hey, I’m far from a Kangaroo Rat. I don’t jump, either. Well, I do, but it’s not anything to nickname me kangaroo about and usually only happens when I’ve been significantly startled.

Usually my children or husband are to blame for that (did you know my husband tried to catch a watersnake with his bare hand on Sunday?! He’s insane.)

But back to Nevada, the desert provides the perfect place for the government to practice it’s bombing notions. Because we know the government likes to blow up stuff besides our national budget and audacious hope for the future.

Area 51, the location where the Stealth bomber and alien remains are rumored to be found, are a part of the 87% of Nevada land managed by the U.S. Government.

Andre Agassi is also from Nevada. But he’s not to be confused with a Kangaroo Rat. Not matter what he looks like and how high he jumps. I think he drinks water.

Finally, our last fun Nevada fact of the day!

Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the union and third in the world behind South Africa and Australia! Who knew?

So the next time you’re in Vegas and want to scratch off some of the gold-plating, feel free. They can get more if you just walk to the nearest river and start panning for gold. Or something like that.

Do you know anyone from Nevada? Send them this way to tell us about their state! And watch out for the rats.

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