Hot Snot, Owl Pot

It’s one thing to call yourself a “lifelong learner” and quite another to dissect an owl pellet with your fingernails in your mid-30s.


Today I clawed my way through owl vomit, searching for bones, all in the name of education.


Don’t let them fool you, homeschooling isn’t all denim jumpers, Bible reading and wood chopping. Today it included a table of four and five-year-olds, two magnifying glasses, blue tweezers and animal particles covered in sterilized gastrointestinal juices.


Lucky us.


We did find several tiny skulls. Mostly birds, possibly a shrew. All of this gave me a bad feeling about the owl. Because, sure, it’s eating to stay alive and it’s the call of the wild to feast on other birds and animals smaller than itself, but if I ran around eating small children or pet monkeys I don’t suspect you’d call me “wise.”


Hoot, hoot.


After washing our hands thoroughly we all piled back into Stella the Suburban and headed home. Since we drive an hour to our weekly school meeting, our in-seat DVD players are very handy.


Movie of choice? Cars.


We watched that movie so many times. I mean so many times. Dos considers Lightening McQueen one of her uncles.


Every single time we watch the movie, I get teared up. From the moment Doc Hudson says, “Hot snot! We are back in business!” at the Piston Cup race-off the lump forms in my throat.


No fail, when Luigi performs the speediest pit stop ever seen and gets Lightening back on the track, my nose starts to hurt and it gets hard to swallow.


But when Lightening screeches to a stop and goes back to help The King cross the finish line and they have the close up Doc Hudson’s smiling grill… that’s when I clear my throat, blink furiously, and think, “aw, shucks. This is the greatest movie ever.”


Today I was blinking furiously and thinking all of these thoughts and realized it’s been five years I’ve been loving this movie. Five years, five thousand viewings and I’m still getting choked up each time.


That’s it, Cars is officially the best movie ever made.


(followed closely by the cutting edge and a league of their own.)


I’m thankful Cars was produced. Yet another little bit of thankfulness for you. What are your all-time favorite movies?

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7 thoughts on “Hot Snot, Owl Pot”

  1. Cars is good and one of our favorites but it doesn’t usually make me tear up. UP however will get me * right thar, banging on my chest * every time. I guess it just depends on the date, me being held hostage by my hormones at different times of the month, dontcha know. If it’s the twentieth for instance, reading out loud in my kid’s history textbook which is dry as bones, will make me get a lump in my throat.

    P.S. I liked your old subscription thingy where it was delivered like magic to my email instead of a reader…is that one still available? Cuz I’d like to be as lazy as possible and really eliminate the middle man.

    1. I understand the reader deal – and I believe if you click through the feedburner link and subscribe by email it will 100% work like the old one and deliver the post straight to your email. It just seems and don’t like to work with each other seamlessly. (Also, I’m learning as I go and may have a better deal later.. but this is the best I can find out there!)

    1. My sister was sitting quietly one day and then out of nowhere, whispered, “That dog should’ve never died.” Yep, she was grieving Old Yeller.

  2. I will always love White Christmas! It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, but it makes me happy that Christmas is coming and I can watch it without ridicule!

  3. Oooo…so many. All-time favorite would have to be Anne of Green Gables though. Yup. It defines my life. 🙂

    Lately, I’ve been really enjoying MegaMind. For being a modern kids’ movie (a genre I’m usually appalled by), this one is fantastic. Extremely well-written and directed, good morals and absolutely hilarious.

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