LSD Wiener Dog Fail

Yesterday, in all the excitement of watching snow fall and testing new coffee creamers I forgot to mention the Georgia couple that got naked and gave their dog LSD.


Last Sunday a couple got high, stripped down to their birthday suits, and ran along the road until the police came and collected them.


Do you ever read stories like this and wonder how you get to a place where you would run naked down a public street? Drugs.


Nancy Reagan was right: Just Say No.


No one is sure exactly what happened, but about the same time the couple ran naked through the streets the dog was hit by a car and diagnosed with LSD hallucinations by the veterinarian.


The dog had to be put down. The couple is in jail.


Here’s what I’ve learned:


1. Keep your dog stuff separate from your people stuff. That dog shoulda never died. But if you don’t do drugs, keep your stuff separate. I’m working on this in our house – Tres believes the puddles need to share her toothbrush. It’s a problem.


2. Keep your clothes on. Public indecency tends to be a problem in all cultures except tribal and Italy. We just don’t want to see it… and especially don’t want to see it highlighted by our headlights at 8 p.m. Sunday evening.


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