Swing Vote: Andele!

New Mexico!

It’s time, it’s here, you know it, it’s your favorite, it might be your birthday…..


Swing Vote!


Put your thinking caps and life preservers on, friends, because we are headed straight toward a Swing Vote, that time of the month where I pick a place I’ve never seen a StealingFaith visitor from before, entice a resident to stop on by and educate the rest of us on the quirky, fun and sometimes useful facts about the state!


We’ve had visitors from Maine! From North Dakota! Nevada! Montana and Kentucky!


This month, the month of Jack Frost, where gift giving runs amok and tinsel becomes a murder device in the wrong hands…. we will spotlight NEW MEXICO!


Yes, yes, the place with salsa so hot your bum hurts for days, the locational muse of Georgia O’Keefe, a hostile place of bleached cow heads and interlaced cultures… New Mexico, come to Stealing Faith!


Here’s how the game is played: If you know someone who lives in New Mexico (or experienced an alien abduction in the state), share this link with them. Ask them to stop by and leave a few facts in the comments about their state that please them mightily or irritate the snot out of them!


We’ll be waiting… and in the absence of comments do my internet research and find things to talk about myself. You probably don’t want that. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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One thought on “Swing Vote: Andele!

  • December 12, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Santa Fe is the oldest capital in the U.S.
    White Sands is not actually ‘sand’ but gypsum crystals
    Smokey the Bear is a native
    The largest area in Carlsbad Caverns is 10 football fields long


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