Strange Storage Stories, Episode 2

How would you feel if this was barreling toward you?

I’ve just had an experience.


I was fighting my never ending battle with the laundry of our household when I happened to glance out my kitchen window. There, tucked in the aisles of the storage buildings, was a young man, urinating on the building.


I was a bit taken aback and wondering exactly what to say. I noticed the boy had a small rat terrier-type dog with him. As I watched, he was definitely calling the dog to him, but he was also having a difficult time getting his pants to cover up his manly pride and joy.


It was hard to believe I was being flashed by a kid who looked about 12 years old. I sat at the window, wondering about his motivations. The kid moved farther into the property, dodging in and out of the stored cars, moving along the gate and toward where we keep our landscaping tools.


Where was he going? What should I do? Call the cops? That seemed mean to do to a kid I suspected was an inadvertent flasher (who must have been very cold!). The dog was wandering all over the place with the kid, urinating on everything as well.


Light bulb.


It’s a little less than 20 degrees today so the dogs are cozied up in their crate inside. I called Samba, the Great Dane, and opened the front door.


The dogs, Dane and poodles, were off like shots. They were NOT a fan of this small rat terrier being in their territory and marking their trees.


My willie-flooping young boy saw Samba headed his direction, got his pants up around his waist and took off at a speed I didn’t think was capable in a human. He and his dog headed toward the gate.


By the time I got my shoes and jacket on to go investigate the boy was long gone. But that stupid rat terrier was back!


It thought it was pretty tough and kept challenging the poodles. But then Samba would take after it and it would head toward the gate.


This went on for a few minutes before a white sedan pulled into the gate. Who should pop out of the passenger seat but my young exhibitionist?! I didn’t get a good look at the driver, and I had to ask Samba to go after the rat terrier a few more times to give it a conviction it would be wiser to go with its family than stick around here, but finally the flasher, the terrier and the sedan were all loaded and headed toward their own homes.


I have no explanation for this story, but it did end well and I’m really proud of our dogs, particularly Samba, who is large enough to intimidate and sweet enough to let the threat do the talking. Plus, as soon as I called the dogs back all three responded promptly and obediently. This is much better than I could have expected!


That’s the word from my mundane existence. Have you ever set your dogs loose on someone/something? How about been flashed?

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One thought on “Strange Storage Stories, Episode 2

  • December 25, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    One day, as I rounded the bend in the grocery store parking lot, I saw this guy standing with his back to me and liquid streaming down in front of him. My first (naive!) thought was that he was emptying the contents of a cup. However, much to my shock and horror, as I made the turn and my perspective shifted, I could see that he was, in fact, relieving himself — in broad daylight, in the middle of a busy parking lot!

    Another scarring experience: I once got an eye-full as a guy wearing a “sport kilt” (*ahem!* man-skirt) bounded over a low fence by the fairgrounds. Apparently, wearing a skirt was such a freeing experience, he decided to forgo all other forms of apparel down there as well. Wheeeee!


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