Why, Good Morning.

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This morning, after a fitful night of sleep, I had a small, slightly damp and naked child pull my covers back and crawl into bed with me.


“Mommy, I’s had a little big accident.”


There are words that wake a mom up like a dousing of cold water. While a “little big accident” isn’t quite so exciting as, say, “I lit a fire in the bathroom” or “I cut my sister’s hair” or (while holding liquid Drano) “Mommy, this tastes funny,” it does tend to chase all thoughts of sleep far away.


Her words, combined with the feel of her clammy naked bottom tucking itself securely into my belly, was enough to pry my eyes open and a groan to come from somewhere deep inside.


I’ve spent the morning washing bedding. Thank goodness for a larger washer that’s attached to my home.


I’d like to transition into another exciting story with the words, “in other news,” but I really don’t have anything exciting to share with you.


Unless you find the knowledge I went grocery shopping to today because my husband panicked after looking in the refrigerator and seeing only a half gallon of milk, chocolate chip cookie dough, green olives, spicy pickles and coffee creamer.


He said he told the girls they could have ketchup for breakfast. I think that’s perfectly acceptable and crosses off the fruits (and possibly vegetables) section of the food groups for the day.


Some people are so picky. But at his prompting I took my cherubs to the grocery store and we’ve now expanded our refrigerator selection to include dairy products: yogurt, cheeses. And Lunchables, can’t forget those.


Now, aren’t you happy I shared?


Hope your life is more exciting than mine today (and it doesn’t include urine).

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