Lip Gloss Land Mines

two-tone lip gloss / wholesalecentral.comThere are two recent discoveries by Tres that have made life entertaining today.


One: throw rugs can be lifted from the floor. I found Tres in the bathroom, sitting on the scale, covering herself with the bath mat. I went to the girls’ room and discovered their Tinkerbell hopscotch rug all rumpled. Yep, Tres figured out rugs can be lifted.


Two: lip gloss. One day, when I was in Walmart with Uno and completely lost my senses, I purchased a pack of approximately 1,000 lip glosses of various flavors for the girls. There are so many tubes I’ve completely lost track of them. Pretty sure there are at least two under the seats in Stella and I know I found one in the sheets at the foot of Dos’ bed last time I changed the seats. Tres discovered the lip gloss this week.


When you put the two major discoveries together guess what you get?


Yep, tiny lip gloss containers completely hidden underneath the rugs of the house.


Tres has been working overtime. I don’t know how she’s gotten a hold of so many of the tubes of lip gloss, gathering them from the far reaches of the house to be put to devious means. (And by far reaches I mean somewhere between under the bed and the bottom of the toy box… and possibly in the dog crate.)


The result of her little lip gloss mine fields is a mom who finds herself staggering through the house like a woman working on a three-day drunk.


I get started walking, feeling confident in my bearings, then stumble over a hidden lip gloss, gasp, wrench my back as I throw my body around to regain my balance, bite my lip so nothing escapes but a solid, “umph!”, and hop up and down on my unharmed foot for a few hops before dropping to the ground and unearthing the lip gloss.


I’ve started throwing the tubes away as I find them. Lip fancies are not worth the pain.


But Tres, she keeps going! Her supply is endless and her ingenuity surprising. She is able to re-plant the mines before I can make a return trip by the same spot — and you’ll recall our house is about the size of a hamster ball, so you can imagine the speed she’s going.


It’s like living with a sunbeam. Speed of light and all.


I’m considering writing something of value regarding resolutions tomorrow, but it depends on whether my toe is still throbbing. I’d love to hear some of your resolutions, however. Would you tell me yours in the comments?

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