Active Imagination

Fisher Price View Master

Well, woo-hoo, welcome to 2012!


I’m tempted to tell 2011 not to let the door hit it in the whatnot on its way out. But then I realized I’m ok if 2011 gets an extra push in the backside to distance itself from my life.


I’ve decided 2011 will not go down in history as one of my favorites.


Unlike 1987. I’m a big fan of 1987; the music was good, the clothes were comfortable (those were the days when soft knits and tube dresses were “in”) and, with the exception of the stink of Aquanet and bangs that doubled as daggers, my life was pretty much carefree and fun.


Now I’m here, staring 2012 in the whites of the eyes, thinking, “Whatcha got for me, huh, huh? I’m no pansy, you won’t get much by me!”


Not that I have issues with an active imagination or anything.


Speaking of active imaginations, I’ve decided my daughters spend about 15% of their waking hours engaged in actual reality. I know child psychologists say an active imagination is wonderful for a child, but sometimes I wonder.


Last night we went to friends house for dinner. They have three little boys and believe it or not, our girls and their boys play well together. Not hitting or kissing, which is pretty much all I’m concerned about right now.


Toward the end of the evening the children burst into the living room and announced they were on an adventure!


Uno had her face squashed into a Fisher Price View Master. This means she was walking completely blind because all she could see was the slide in the machine, not the world around her.


This didn’t stop her from giving specific instructions to the rest of the scouting party, however. Her “leadership” skills are unparalleled.


She halted the party at the side of the sofa and stopped cold, staring hard into her “binoculars.”


“There they are, right in front – two of them, shoot them, quickly!” she ordered as she pointed straight ahead. “A cheetah and a bird!”


Seamlessly, the 4-year-old friend dropped to his knee, followed the direction of her finger and quickly, fearlessly fired two shots from his Nerf gun.


“Got ’em!” he yelled. Uno dropped the View Finder and gave him an enthusiastic high-five.


“Good job!” she said. “Let’s go find some more!”


And away they scouting party went. I think they shot Sponge Bob next.


All of the excitement of the evening plain tuckered me out, which is why I never blogged last night and another reason I’m writing about imagination tonight instead of resolutions.


I’ve thought about making some resolutions but all I can think of is to have a better attitude and the truth is I’ve become a little bit attached to my current rotten attitude. It’s fermenting quite nicely.


But, hope springs eternal, so I’m going to keep thinking through this whole resolution idea and probably come up with something worthwhile by July.


I can guarantee it won’t include losing 10 pounds or canceling the Coco-Cola habit. Some things are just not worth the effort.


Do you have fond memories of 2011? What are you looking forward to in 2012?

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