Scary Shadow

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It seems there are scary shadows in the girls’ room. At least that is the excuse Dos gave for being in Uno’s bed, giggling, more than an hour after they went to bed.


I’m glad to know about the scary shadows. Not knowing might have seriously jeopardized my parenting ability.


Thank Goodness for the alarm clock that changes colors! A few swipes of that sucker changed it from green to purple and everyone knows purple is the right color for making scary shadows disappear.


If it were in my nature to be critical, I might think Dos was making up a story to try to keep herself from trouble for playing in the upper bunk.


But with the dreams I’ve had this week, I can absolutely understand the fear of a scary shadow. (There was the one where there was a flood and the “bad guys” were trying to steal my daughters to use for human trafficking and I shot them with my gun; and then the other where Uno was getting work done by a dentist who worked out of his home and a neighbor wanted to get high of the Novocain or something and stopped by the house, turned into a zombie, and chased us down the street while I fireman carried Uno. Imagination runs rampant in this family.)


(I guess I’m struggling with kidnapping fears. Or at least my sleep thoughts are in crisis.)


One more round of hugs, prayers and kisses, and we’re down for bedtime. For the second time tonight.


Let’s hope it sticks.

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