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I have two gallon jars of kosher dill pickles sitting on my counter.


Pickles haven’t typically been a hot commodity in our household. Lizard likes them and the girls are ok with them, but I’ve never been a fan. I’m more of a pickled okra kind of gal.


But recently we’ve all been on a pickle kick. I’ve eaten through a jar of pickled okra and the rest of my family has consumed three regular jars of pickles.


So when I saw the gallon jars of pickles at Costco this weekend for $3.68 per jar, I got really excited. I’m not a mathematical genius, but I’ve been paying about that price for a little jar of pickles!


In a frenzy of bargain hunting, we bought two. One cut into spears (what the girls like) and one jar of whole pickles (what my husband likes).


But as soon as I open either jar I’m going to have to refrigerate it. And two gallon jars in my normal-sized cooling kitchen appliance is going to take up the entire bottom shelf of space, dislocating the yogurt and Dr. Pepper!


It’s a true dilemma. I don’t want the pickles on my counter. I don’t want the pickles in my refrigerator. Why did I buy two gallons of pickles?!


While this is not the most significant item I’ve had on my mind lately, it is one I feel confident sharing with you. We all have our pickle struggles. Or our bulk buying mishaps. Things we thought we had figured out suddenly go wrong.


I’m going to leave you with a happy thought. Remember how a few months ago a friend of mine posted this facebook status?

“A guy in a car next to mine just sneezed so hard his face hit the steering wheel and honked the horn. Smooth. I’m so glad I stayed in the car while [my husband] returned some Redbox movies. I can’t stop laughing!”

That story, there… it’s the gift that just keeps giving. When I’m having a tough day, or worried about the pickle storage in our house, I just think, “Well, I could have sneezed and honked the horn today.”


And then I realize I have at least one thing to be happy about.


What was your one thing to be happy about today?

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