Skittle Spew

Feel the Love. Skittle Spew.

This morning I happened to catch a glimpse of a perfect family’s life.


It’s true! I listened to the father tell the story of their daily morning devotional time and the principles they have memorized to direct their lives, live intentionally, and, oh, it was so amazing!


It was as if they stood up in front of the world and said, “Our life is so sweet and precious, when we vomit, Skittles spill from our mouth in a cascade of complimentary colors! Isn’t that just grand?!”


It was a Skittle spew, if I may coin a term.


As I listened to the Skittle spew I had a choice to make… would I rejoice for this family because what they’re doing is pretty awesome? Would I mock this family because they seem so perfect I have to maliciously believe there’s a nasty skeleton in the family outhouse? Would I be envious of this family and, as a result, feel insecure about my own family?


I decided on all three options. (Just being honest.)


The whole experience reminded me of the reasons I write StealingFaith. It re-dedicated me to why I’m convicted to publicly admit difficulties and failures, frustrations and insecurities. I write about the days where insanity takes me to the edge of the cliff and back because somewhere, someone out there is Skittle spewing on their status update.


Or you’re going to church and you see the family whose kids get spit shined before approaching the holy venue and the mom looks at your kids (adorned with pieces of Cheerios in their curls), looks concerned, and asks how you are… really? Skittle spew.


Or maybe you turn on the t.v. and hear a millionaire’s wife announce she’s never considered herself wealthy. Skittle spew.


Or it’s spring and time for swimsuit shopping and you go with your friend who’s had five children who is still shaped like an anorexic hourglass and she can wear a bathing suit out of the dressing room without small children running, crying for their mama. Skittle spew.


I may be criticized now and then for not being private enough with my issues, or not using the decorum my parents raised me to observe… but I’m not sorry. No way.


We all need a voice to identify the Skittle spew. Amen.


What situations have you experienced that make you want to yell, “Skittle spew!”? (And as a completely random aside, Lizard is watching Top Shot and a guy just said someone was “shaking like a dog crappin’ a peach pit.” Now… how fantastic is that phrase?!

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2 thoughts on “Skittle Spew

  • March 14, 2012 at 7:37 am

    I now have a new word in my vocabulary – skittle spew. I love it! I’ll be working it in throughout the day. Thanks for the laugh.
    The Resident Heretic

    • March 14, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      Glad you approve! It tickled my funny bone, too!


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