I’ve Been Hit!

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“I’ve been hit!”


Not the words I want to hear from my 72-year-old mother moments after she left my house, headed home via the interstate, 83-year-old husband in tow.


Tonight my parents were involved in a five car pile-up, caused by a hit and run driver. They were number three in the pile up and, miraculously, no one was injured!


I’m so grateful the night didn’t end in a hospital! I zipped over to the scene of the accident and stood with them as they talked to the police and other drivers involved.


At the end of the day, besides being thankful, I have two main impressions from this evening’s event:


1. Spontaneity is defined as “life.” I like to joke that spontaneous fun is totally ok with me as long as I’ve created a space in my planner for unplanned adventures. Yeah, it defeats the purpose of unscheduled activity to schedule the space for activity to take place… but I like to plan. (I have four Franklin Covey planners and a joy for penciling things in.)


As much as I like to plan and control and define my mission, I have to accept that Life, you know, the stuff that happens on a moment-by-moment basis, well, it’s unplanned. There’s no other explanation for walking into your living room and seeing your toddler stark naked, on all fours, eating a dog biscuit without using her hands.


Spontaneous! I will try this sometime!


2. Disaster is a great equalizer of people. Tonight’s participants were an elderly couple, the mom of a 16 year old who kicked her out of the house so she could study for an exam, and a nursing student on her way to a cowboy-themed dance. Everyone was tied together by a careless driver who may have been uninsured or intoxicated.


I like finding these equalizers. I hope I am always introduced to people outside of my comfort zone. These “outlying” neighbors keep life interesting, add a little spice the day-in-day-out.


Do you have a hard time letting go of your preconceived plan? How do you handle the unusual in your life?

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