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What posts have you liked lately?

Don’t know if you all have noticed, but there are some GREAT posts floating around the great World Wide Web these days!


I am a tab-opener junkie. On any given day I probably read about 20 posts of interest. I just open a new tab and leave it open until I get around to reading it. This makes my husband cringe and my computer run slower than necessary, but it works for me.


I suddenly realized if I’m asking you guys to share the posts here on StealingFaith that make you laugh or cry, it’s about time I shared the posts I’m thinking about as well.


So, correct grammar and spelling go by the wayside and I’m instituting the “Me Likee!” Link Up of posts that are stellar. Please feel free to add your own recent favorites in the comment section!


1. 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters. This one made me tear up more than once. You’ll love it, whether you’re a dad or not!


2. Where is the Mommy War for the Motherless Child? That Time cover challenging whether moms are really “good” if they aren’t attachment parenting, well, it started a firestorm. This post, though, was an amazing twist that struck home!


3. When You Want to Quit, I Think You Should. I cannot even tell you the number of times I have wanted to through homeschooling under the bus this past year. This author gives you permission to do so… and encouragement to keep going!


4. A Father’s Day Wish: Dads… Wake the Hell Up! Yes, I know, there’s profanity in the title. (Cover your ears and say a prayer for his salvation.) The author is trying to get his point across and there’s nothing like one dude taking other dudes to task… great read.


5. How To Miss A Childhood. Oh! This post has haunted me! I can guarantee you’ll be reading my perspective on this before too long because I have had a relationship with my computer… a very, very close relationship with it. I’ve called my little Macbook Air one of my children and I’d do most anything to save it if we had a fire. But what have I missed in my communion with the laptop?


6. Return to Mystery. Too many of our churches try to condense an unknowable, awesome God into five sermon points in 45 minutes. I loved this post on accepting God is God, by definition incomprehensible, and the mystery is part of the joy of faith!


7. For the Mother Who Fears Failure. Ann Voskamp’s post regarding Mother’s Day made me cry. She is able to write amazingly real things without being raw. It’s just a great post!


8. The Real Reason They Still Play “Mrs. Robinson” on the Radio. As someone who has had a relationship with journalism, I’m terribly concerned about the state of media in our country. This post highlighted some of my major concerns — and will likely surprise you!


9. Debt: The New Financial Painkiller. Our goal these days is to be debt-free. We recognize this is a long-term goal (those mortgages and student loans don’t just disappear because you’re tired of paying them off!) but it’s still the direction we’re going. We’re a bit counter-culture with our debt-free movement… every time I go shopping I’m offered the chance to open a credit account with the store! This post might influence your thinking about why Americans are flirting with financial impoverishment on a daily basis.


10. Marriage is for Losers. We watched American Chopper tonight and saw Paul Jr. & Paul Sr. take each other on. Both of them wanted reconciliation, neither of them was willing to set any pride aside as a way toward compromise. Marriage can be like that. A very, very good reason to read this post!


Bonus link: Lyrics to Laura Story’s Blessings. So, so beautiful!


Hope you enjoy these posts… and I’d really love to read the ones that have tickled you! Please share the links in the comments!

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  • May 22, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Thank you for posting the “Where is the Mommy War for the Motherless Child?” That was amazing!


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