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According to my time zone for the next week or so it’s 2 am, so I’m going to leave the gory details of our travel adventures for tomorrow.


However, I’m sure you’ve just been missing my random updates about life, liberty, and the pursuit of a conversation without interruption, so let me fill you in on at least a little bit.


I’ve mentioned we did 3 Day Potty Training with Tres a few weeks before she turned 2. I have been shockingly pleased with the results! (I should mention the friend who recommended it to me threatened me… she said we had to follow it exactly or would regret it forever. We followed the instructions._ We still had some accidents happening but she’s been in underwear only since the beginning of April.


Now, the back story of the last time we went on a plane I made the massive error in judgment of feeding the kiddo a handful of prunes about an hour before we got on the plane. You can imagine the results. I will never, ever recover from the ick-factor of trying to change an explosive diaper in an airplane lavatory.


(Which makes me wonder if the whole “Mile High” club has ever really been real? What kind of contortions are people talking about here? After carefully examining the bathroom on the plane, I see no functional way that club could exist in real life unless you are a little person or Chinese acrobat… and that’s still a stretch!)


Back to the topic at hand…  since we had such difficulty on the last plane trip with Tres, this trip I had a deep suspicion of her ability to keep her pants clean, even though she’s been potty-trained for two months.


This was validated when I told her we were going on a long trip and asked if she’d like to wear a diaper or underwear. With absolutely no pause she said, “Bi-pa!” (Which means “diaper,” just in case you’re not used to interpreting words that are missing syllables and most consonants.)


Into the diaper she went. My fears were quiet.


Two days later and the kid has not has a single accident. Between the car and the plan rides we’ve traveled for a solid two days… and she’s been perfect! I think I can confidently say the kid is potty trained!


So, to cut a long, long, too long story short, I want to encourage you guys to check out 3 Day Potty training if that’s the season of life you’re in. It works! (And they aren’t giving me a single thing to promote this. I just think it’s amazing my 2-year-old isn’t wearing diapers anymore!)


Now I just need to rub fertilizer on her arms so they grow long enough she can wipe her own backside. (Oh. The joys of motherhood.)


I’ll be back tomorrow with some more insights from our travel and other vacation observations. Like why it’s easier to travel with toddlers than geriatrics. And how you fit 11 people and $600 of Costco foodstuffs into a minivan. And… well, you get the picture!


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