3 Simple Questions: Being Dad by Shawn Smucker

Shawn Smucker, Writer. And awesome Dad.

I came across Shawn Smucker’s writing while lurking on other websites.


Yes… I admit it. Even though I harass you about being lurkers here and challenge you to comment regularly, I’m a lurker myself when I go to other blogs and websites. What I really want to do is see what other people like and recommend. Shawn came highly recommended, I clicked over and discovered he’s a diamond!


Then I left a comment. (It’s all about role modeling, right?!)


Shawn has taken some risks in order to live a fully expressed life – including the absolute adventure of loading his family — four ridiculously good looking kiddos! — into an 40-foot RV and traveling 10,000 miles across the country!


It takes a special kind of crazy to do that! I’m jealous. For real.


Shawn is an engaging, interesting writer (he has five books!). Even though I’m totally sold on his style as a writer, I wanted to know more about his experiences as a dad. Now you and I have the answer to 3 Simple Questions!


1. What is the grossest thing you’ve experienced as a parent? “Tough one – there is so much to pull from! I’d say it’s my willingness to eat things off of the van floor without even thinking about it. Things like Skittles that have been there for a very, very long time.”


2. What is the sweetest thing you’ve experienced as a parent? “Just last night our two youngest kids (Abra is 4 and Sam is almost 3) were discussing which movie they wanted to watch when their two older siblings left for VBS. They agreed on Aladdin. ‘You can sit beside me on the chair,’ Abra told Sam, ‘and I’ll hug you when the ‘cary parts come.'”


3. What is the most humbling thing you’ve experienced as a parent? “The whole experience of parenting has had a huge affect on me. Especially now that my oldest son is an age that I can remember being. I think a lot about what I needed from my dad at that age, and I so badly don’t want to disappoint him. The pure joy that appears on his face whenever I spend time with him humbles me, because it reminds me of what a key influencer I am in his life. Sometimes it’s rather overwhelming.”


Bonus: “When I blog, I try to accomplish two things: tell a good story, and make people think differently about something. Here are two of my most-read posts in that vein: The Joy that Accompanies Empty Pockets and The Girl Who Cannot Speak.”


Now’s your chance to get to know Shawn yourself! He’s a cool dude!


Website: Shawn Smucker (RSS feed)

Facebook: Shawn Smucker, Writer

Twitter: @shawnsmucker


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