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#whatmostwomenwant is trending on Twitter today.


This one got me going. After all, I think it’s functionally impossible for most women to tell you what they really want because women’s brains are filled with multi-tasking and many shifting priorities.


It’s kind of like the La Brea Tar Pits… what we want most is the topic that bubbles to the top of our heads at any given moment.


Regardless of my personal opinions, the tweeters gave advice I enjoyed reading:


  • @iiBreakNecks: a faithful man who will provide, protect, that’ll SHOW her love & not just “tell” her.
  • @mrbarns: a man that can lead in prayer a man that can lead her through the storm and a man that can be a MAN!
  • @TonyGaskins: a man that can make love to her mind…
  • @mylifeasabarbie: perfect hair at every hour of the day
  • @awkwardnoodles: McDonald’s to deliver. DON’T EVEN DENY IT.
  • @DreamChaserZeek: a man who will protect her like she’s his daughter, love her like she’s his wife, and respect her like she’s his mother
  • @_JordanJones: Crocs, I mean who doesn’t?
  • @HogwartsHumor: To be accepted by Hogwarts! Wizardry is unisex!
  • @AnaGasteyer: a man that can drive stick in emergencies and a label maker


After spending time reading the wisdom Twitter had to offer, I decided to come up with a list of 20 Things Most Women Want.


(I’ll accept cash donations as a thank you at any point if these change your understanding of the fairer sex.)


  1. A pair of Chacos. Or any shoe that can be comfortable and attractive.
  2. Hair products that are cheap, effective, and make you look like a million bucks without trying.
  3. A extra set of arms and spare brain for the days when there just isn’t enough of you to go around.
  4. Grace. Lots of it. Undeserved, very much needed grace.
  5. A personalized soundtrack to play wherever we go that keeps us alert, chipper, productive, and ready to conquer the world!
  6. Either A) the body of our dreams or B) the confidence to love our bodies, faults and all.
  7. A heart companion we respect, adore, and who is boldly infatuated with everything we do.
  8. One proud parenting moment after another.
  9. Laundry Elves.
  10. Friends who will show up with shovels or a box of Kleenex without question at 2 a.m. if need be.
  11. Financial Security. Domestic Security. Yeah, make that Security in general.
  12. A remote control we don’t have to share and a dude we want to share it with anyway.
  13. World-wide destruction of panty hose.
  14. Regulation of hormones and removal of the need to deal with some of the, ahem, yuckier parts of being a female.
  15. Dreams that involve sports cars – and minivans with no apparent contradiction.
  16. A comfortable bra. ‘Nuff said.
  17. To be able to turn our brains off and stop thinking sometimes.
  18. Twizzlers, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Fountains, and Marshmallow Cream on demand. Push a button, it appears from the ether a la The Jetsons. Oh, and it’s not fattening!
  19. To be brave enough to be vulnerable.
  20. To be able to enjoy a feminine stereotype without be defined or trapped by it.


What would you suggest for your list of What Most Women Want?


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One thought on “What Women Want

  • June 28, 2012 at 10:20 am

    To #17! Hear, hear!! After that, the rest will follow (however illogical that may be, it will work – I am certain).


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