3 Simple Questions: On Parenting with Anne of Green Eggs and Mom

Anne, from Green Eggs and Moms, answers 3 Simple Questions.

If you’ve been religiously following StealingFaith (as I know you have), you know a few weeks ago my happiness was made complete when I discovered caffeine consumption has no measurable effect on a newborn’s sleep pattern.


That was a giant step forward for mothers across the nation. Perhaps the globe.


A few days later another study came out cautioning against drinking coffee from shops while pregnant because they don’t give enough information with their cup of coffee to actually know how much caffeine you’re consuming.


A damper was placed upon my happiness.


It was all Anne’s fault. I considered egging her house, but since she lives in the Philippines and I can’t swim that far, I decided to forgive her.


Anne is the writing genius behind Green Eggs and Moms, a website with “parenting articles to keep young moms and kids sane.” Anne takes those studies we all hear about and breaks them down into understandable snippets. She writes smart. And practical. And who doesn’t need a smart, practical read every once in a while?!


(I need the small words and easy to understand points as my caffeine consumption is variable.)


I thought to myself, “Self… instead of being mad about the whole coffee situation, why not ask Anne 3 Simple Questions?!”


So, I did.


And here are her answers:


1. What’s the grossest thing you’ve experienced as a parent? “When my son received a gash slightly above his forehead from a nasty fall. I had to clean up all the blood and wound of course. Unfortunately, I’m squeamish and the smell of the blood was too strong.  I wasn’t looking forward to seeing an open wound face-to-face but had to do it…”


2. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve experienced as a parent? “There are quite a few, but the one that stood out was when my 5-year old went to one of the nearby stores with the Nanny and came home with a tiny packet of powdered milk. He said he bought it for me and my mom (who now has osteoporosis caused by lack of calcium) so we won’t get “sick.” He then gave me a hug.”


3. What’s the most humbling thing you’ve experienced as a parent? “Realizing that despite my personal faults and failures, there’s one person on this Earth who thinks I’m cool! [My son!] Well, at least for now!”


Bonus: Some posts Anne likes best from Green Eggs and Moms? Fun Ways to Keep Kids Cool During Hot Weather and A Really Effective Way to Hone a Child’s Problem Solving Skills.


Don’t miss out on your chance to get to know Anne and her site, Green Eggs and Moms!

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