3 Simple Questions: On College with Lynn of Perspective Parenting

Lynn Reilly of Perspective Parenting answers 3 Simple Questions On College.

I love discovering writers who genuinely stretch my brain!


Lynn Reilly is one of those writers. She blogs at Perspective Parenting with the wealth of experience gained as a mom and professional school counselor. Personally I think it’s amazing she’s a school counselor… when I think back to my own days in school I say a prayer of thanksgiving for anyone who had to deal with my angst and coming of age issues! (I’m lucky no one literally smacked some sense into me!)


Because Lynn spends all her time talking about parenting, I wanted her perspective on something different – her college experience!


So, here you have it, 3 Simple Questions for Lynn on her time in college:


1. What’s the grossest thing that happened to you as a college student? So many gross experiences, so hard to choose…but I’’ll have to go with dissecting a diseased cow in my Biology for Non-Science Majors class.  I almost passed out while dissecting a frog in high school, so the diseased cow definitely brought on the cold sweats. Soooo disgusting!  Fortunately, I gave up eating red meat in the 7th grade, so it only solidified my decision to stick with vegetables.”


2. What was your sweetest college experience? “Joining a sorority.  I had always been a “”guy’’s girl”” growing up with a quick wit full of biting sarcasm and found it easier to hang with the guys for the sheer simplicity of their company and lack of sensitivity. (Says the woman who is a counselor!) But while in college, I was introduced to sorority living and agreed to try out the Sisterhood.  Turns out, women are amazingly strong, insightful, loyal and above all else, brilliant.  I learned how to connect more with women and gained an invaluable understanding of their depth and genius which has helped me counsel teenage girls and identify their strengths when they can’’t seem to find them.  And as a bonus, my husband gets to be married to a feminist – lucky him!”


3. What was your most humbling college experience? “I was a Psychology major who grew to greatly dislike Psychology!  I’’d spend hours reading textbooks on theories that took the most simple human behaviors and created long, drawn out explanations that seemed to only complicate the reasons of why people act the way they do.  Although the Why is helpful to know, I really wanted to learn the What to Do About It, which the study of Psychology does not generously offer.

The summer going into my senior year, my brother gave me the book “Man’’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, the most humbling book I’’ve ever read.  Dr. Frankl was a psychiatrist who was a survivor of the Holocaust and wrote about how he mentally and emotionally lived through his torture.  He explained how hope kept him alive and sane and framed the meaning behind every horrible experience he encountered.  From this, he strengthened his own psychology theory which is the most inspiring and helpful I’’ve ever come across, and the one I use in my profession.  The premise is that we are all aspiring to find meaning in our life, and meaning can always be found.  Life will always offer us challenges, but it’s how we view these challenges and how we use these challenges that determines how well we live.”


Bonus: Do you have a favorite post that represents your writing? “One of my first posts is still one of my favorites…“You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset”


Doesn’t Lynn have a great perspective? (I have to admit Frankl has been an influential author for me, too!) Take some time to connect with Lynn!


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3 thoughts on “3 Simple Questions: On College with Lynn of Perspective Parenting

  • July 14, 2012 at 4:31 am

    Talk about stretching your brain, it was a stretch to remember college!! This was cool, thanks for having me and encouraging me to recall a past life that paved the way for my present one.

    • July 29, 2012 at 9:29 am

      Lynn! This made me laugh and wait, dissecting a cow is gross! Which reminds me, when I dissected a frog in high school, my lab partner purposely absented herself on the day of the actual cutting! Would you believe I had to do it all alone?? I survived.

      I’ve always loved psychology Lynn, but do see how they tend to explore all the why’s. I’m still thinking about going to school (I’m 30 now) to take psychology classes. It’s something I’ve always been into together with writing.

      So glad to see you and JJ connect. I both enjoy your blogs immensely! 😀

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