The Posts that Brought You Here – July Edition

Nasal Spray… a fixture of my childhood.

The search terms bringing people to StealingFaith in the last 30 days are… well, I’ll let you choose your own adjective.


I would go with: hilarious… bizarre… risky… or random.


In some cases I can’t even imagine why the term turned up StealingFaith, but whenever I have a good guess, I’ll put it in for you. Enjoy!


1. “praying nasal spray.” Yeah. I have no idea on this one because I can’t remember ever talking about nasal spray. But now that the topic has come up, my dad used nasal spray all through my childhood. We teased him about being addicted to it and eventually he discovered Claritin and the nasal spray went by the wayside.


BUT… I remember the day I snuck his nasal spray and squirted it up my nose in an attempt see what all the fuss was about. After I got over the feeling of drowning and my eyes stopped watering profusely my nose dried out for about three days. It is quite the memorable experience.


And I may have prayed during it. Not sure.


2. “cat, winnebago.” I believe this search term pulled up my post about camping. And the Shack. But really I just love the word, “Winnebago.” But I don’t love cats.


In fact, I can think of very few worse things than taking a camping trip in a winnebago with a cat.


3. “printed duck tape.” Duct! Duct! Duct! It’s duct tape! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, please enjoy this post, which highlights the wacky Duct Tape Festival.


4. pinterest monkeys. I’ve mentioned pinterest a few times, mostly because I am in awe of the crafty ideas people post. I also lured my husband onto Pinterest with promises of home remodel ideas… he seems to be happy he joined.


My most recent (and favorite) Pinterest mention is Family Fun, followed closely by I May Hate Pinterest. However, neither of these posts involve monkeys. Perhaps they should…. rewrite, anyone?


5. chipmunck hiking leg. This has to refer to the chipmunk who mocked me during a strenuous hike I foolishly attempted as an out-of-shape, pregnant lady. (I have not repeated this folly since.) Besides being impressed with this searcher’s spelling skills, I need to know why the chipmunk was hiking his leg. That’s a mystery forever, I suppose.


6. is there a prize for the champion of cow chip throwing contest in beaver ok? Yes. Yes, there is a prize. You can find out all about it – and 50 other very strange celebratory activities – by checking out my compilation of the strangest festivals in the United States.


7. why do hotdogs make you burp. There’s probably a scientific explanation for why a digesting hotdog creates powerfully potent fumes… I don’t know it is. I just know it’s a source of major marital discord when my husband indulges. Bad hot dog. I correlate hot dogs with vomit – so I’ll suggest this search term connected with the 10 facts about vomit post.


8. similarities between working mothers and stay at home mothers. I wrote two posts about working mothers versus stay-at-home mothers and I have to admit, they’re some of my favorites. The first was a comparison of Working Moms vs. Stay At Home Moms, the second, More Thoughts on Work Mom vs. Hom Mom. Oh! There was also the post where I got really mad at Bill Maher for being a idiot…


Yeah. I’m still mad at him.


9. drooling before labor. I have been drooling a lot during this pregnancy. I think it has something to do with the hormones, but it’s an embarrassing personal problem nonetheless. I did a search of the site for “drooling” and came up with a whole lot of nothing… except this post on Ignorant Invincibility.


And because I really like the post I am directing you here, even though it only mentions drool in passing and says nothing about labor. (I wrote it before we even talked about getting pregnant again!) Every once in awhile I write something that means something… and this is one of those times.


10. would a mouse steal hearing aids. My gut instinct says a mouse would NOT steal hearing aids. But considering they’re no respecter of casserole dishes I really can’t vouch for what a mouse may or may not do.


And something has to be blamed for my dad misplacing his hearing aids. It may as well be the mouse.


Thank you, once again, for your love of this blog and willingness to read the ramblings contained here in. Why don’t you suggest a topic or two for me to address? Who knows if it’s the exact item someone in Google-land is waiting to search?!

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