Gettin’ Wiggy With It

Barbara Mandrell

A favorite admonishment to the girls when they’re complaining about not having anything to do is, “Smart girls aren’t bored.”


I know this will bite me in the backside the day I find them throwing grapes into the ceiling fans or hanging from the trampoline net and calling it mountain climbing, so far, however, their creative endeavors have been non-violent, non-messy, and full of laughter.


I live to admonish another day…


But, just in case you wonder what smart girls actually do when they get bored, here’s the photo tutorial:


Bubby… and so the torture begins.


They channel Barbara Mandrell. Actually, now that I think of it, who doesn’t channel Barbara Mandrell when given the opportunity?!


On a serious note, I’ve been amazed at how much fun we can get out of simple objects this summer, things like a wig or squirt gun. It’s probably because we don’t get out much. Homeschooled, you know…


Reminds me of a person who shopped garage sales for toys. They told the seller they were looking for “units of time” with their toy purchases.


“That toy kitchen you’re charging $25 for… that’s going to buy me at least four hours of fun, probably more,” they said. “That means my hourly rate is pretty good for the quiet time I’m gaining.”


Interesting way to look at life, huh?


Hope your house has some “wiggy” crazy in it this week!



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