“Me Likee” Link Up – August 2012 Edition

“Me Likee” Link Up!

Remember how I lost track of my calendar this month? Despite blogging about it, updating my refrigerator calendar, and complaining ad nauseam to my friends about this problem, I still didn’t figure out August is about to end until… tonight.


Brilliance, sheer brilliance resides within my brain.


Now that it’s hit me, however, I must share my favorite articles from the month or, well, the August ship will have sailed. And that would be a sad, sad moment.


With no further ado, the most thought-provoking, funny, and moving posts I read in the past month:


1. 5 Reasons Why the Church Failed Yesterday. I hate to get all political, but the Chick-fil-A brouhaha at the beginning of the month was quite disturbing to me on many levels. And those levels warred with one another. This article perfectly articulated a few results I hope Mike Huckabee didn’t intend when he asked supporters to eat more chicken on August 1.


2. Being a Gifted Kid. Did you know speedy grocery shopping is a sign of giftedness? Or myopia? I had no idea, but this article pulled research on giftedness that absolutely fascinated me. It did not list the ability to sing incessantly as a sign of a gifted child, so the jury’s still out on whether Dos will qualify…


3. Patients Get Bottles, Cell Phones, Buzz Lightyear Stuck Inside. Don’t read this if you tend toward the squeamish side. A friend forwarded it to me months ago as blog fodder and, try as I may, I cannot find any way to discuss this without blushing or cringing. So I share it simply as a link. Enjoy. (And let me know if you’ll ever look at a totem pole the same way again.)


4. How to Create Fun and Cozy Family Traditions. Contrary to my absolute freak out moments when the Family Fun magazine arrives in my mailbox, this post gave me some awesome ideas for intentionally creating memories. I think it helps I found no mention of glitter.


5. 25 Words You Might Not Know are Trademarked. My time spent slaving away in Journalism 101 came rushing back when this little snippet crossed my path. Educate yourself… and then you’ll be able to catch me when I make a mistake (or understand why I capitalize certain words… like Dumpster or Kleenex.)


6. The Practice of Stillness. I used to have Psalm 46:10 etched on my kitchen wall: “Be Still and Know that I Am God.” I needed it as a reminder, because I do not sit still well. At all. This post by Michael Hyatt hit me right between the eyes because he clearly writes why stillness is important and how to practice it in our lives. What a treat!


7. 19 Outstanding Words You Should Be Working Into Conversation. If you’re an logophile like me, this article will make you sublimely happy. If you really don’t give a hoot, still check it out and memorize a few to throw into the mix at your next social gathering. It will be more fun than kummerspeck, I promise… but then, what isn’t?


8. An Inconvenient Gap of Truth. This one just made me laugh and laugh. Best sentence? “Gap and Old Navy sell Gateway Mom Jeans.” What can be better than a gal in search of raw truth with a camera and a pair of skinny jeans? Not much.


9. Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2016. Beloit College has published this list for many years and I watch for it religiously. Lately, though, it’s been making me feel older and older. Certainly not because the spry young things entering college this year were born the year I graduated high school. No, certainly not that!


10. Quick to Defend, Quick to Cast Blame, Slow to be Gentle. I rarely think of my husband as someone in need of protection. He’s brave and strong and capable in so many ways. This writer gets a glimpse of his wife as a child and realizes we view our spouses as able adversaries far too often. Read for yourself… and see if it doesn’t give you a new perspective of the one we committed to on our wedding day!


And that’s it, folks, from the mountaintop town where it’s 75 degrees on August 29! (Did I mention no humidity? Yeah. You can be jealous.)


Please post your own favorite links from the past month in the comment section!



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