772 Challenge

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I’ve heard this rumor that people like to hear other people’s most embarrassing moments.


Probably because we take unholy pleasure in laughing at other people’s pain.


Want a good chuckle? Watch someone get hurt. America’s Funniest Home Videos has been making thousands off this concept for years!


I’ve been willing to share some pretty embarrassing moments on this blog. But I have kept the MOST embarrassing moment away from StealingFaith because believe it or not I do still have a bit of decorum left in my life and my embarrassing moment really did (and still does) embarrass me.


But, in the interest of authenticity and competition, I’ve decided to throw a challenge out to you, the general reading population of StealingFaith.


Are you ready?


As of this month, this very second of joy, this site is averaging 341 viewers a day, anywhere from 35 to 84 feedburner subscriptions each day, and 135 Facebook page “likes.” This is awesome and I appreciate you!


(Most days I have no idea why you’re here reading, but that does not take away from my absolute adoration of your time and attention!).


While I value each one of the current readers, I’m left wanting more.


I started StealingFaith to build a platform for the books I have already written and those trapped inside my head, trying to get out. To get a publisher interested, I need to show I have a people who would be likely to purchase said books if available. As awesome as these statistics are, they are not yet compelling enough for a publisher to take a chance on an author whose last name is not Kardashian or Obama.


So… let’s make a deal. I’ll combine my most embarrassing moment with one of my deepest dreams, to build a platform. And you get a story you’ll be retelling for years to come.


What are the rules?


To date, the highest number of visitors in one day is 772. (That was the day I publicly announced I was pregnant with Bubby. I just love you guys and that you care when we’re reproducing! I know you care only because it’s like buying tickets to an insured domestic disaster, but I love you anyway.)


I will share my most embarrassing moment (and it is REALLY embarrassing… and so funny you’ll need to empty your bladder before reading!) when the daily average for the month hits 772 or higher. Additionally, the Facebook page needs to hit 772 likes.


The only way this is going to happen is if you share StealingFaith with your people, your “tribe.” Which means if you’re on fire and get people to read and “like” you’re going to get a story of a lifetime.


This is kind of like the Amway of the blog world. I’ll never give a check to you, though. Not even a party favor. I’m too cheap.


And the longer it takes to get there, the longer I have to maintain at least a scrap of dignity.


I will sit here, trying to figure out whether I want you to succeed in your sharing success and thus benefit my publishing dreams, or completely fail and let my mother think she raised a cultured young woman for awhile longer… the choices, the choices.


You? Go along and share this site with your friends, family, and acquaintances. But please don’t share it with anyone who eats boogers for protein or stalks children. Because I’ve already butchered a chicken I don’t need to be tempted to respond to messin’ with anyone who’s a few cards short of a full deck and a mind made for mischief.


Good luck. And may the statistics be ever in your favor.


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