2012 Blogger Idol!

I’ve entered the Blogger Idol contest. It does not involve singing – lucky for you!

Sometimes there’s just no good excuse.


I don’t have an explanation for why I’m entering the Blogger Idol 2012 contest, but there you have it. I’m all entered.


The prizes are a little more exciting than a box of chocolates and bragging rights, but I’m not doing this for the prizes. It’s all about the thrill of competition.


I’m telling you about my competitive blogging deeds for a few reasons: 1. You can tweet about the contest and StealingFaith to give it an advantage, 2. I get a better chance at winning the chocolate if I post about the contest on my social media platforms.


Yes, I’m using this space for personal gain. If I win I would be happy to send you a bit of chocolate as a thank you. (Or maybe a chocolate-covered espresso bean, if that’s your thing. I will NOT send you glitter.)


Wish me luck, and, if you’re willing, keep your eyes peeled for ways to participate in the Blogging Idol festivities.



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