I’m the Birthday Pirate!

Yes. It’s a pirate owl who gives a hoot. You’re welcome.

I bet you didn’t know today is a Very Important Day, but it is.


Today is My Birthday (the number of which shall remain nameless).


Dos woke up this morning and announced I was 27, proving she has a nominal understanding of numerical concepts (yep, we homeschool). The only way that can be true is if I’m actually regressing down the number scale, which, unless something has changed dramatically with the order of the universe, is on the list of impossible achievements, right there next to swishing Listerine for a full minute.


By the time I woke up this morning (the morning I did not turn 27-years-old), I had 62 Happy Birthday messages from Facebook friends.


I felt loved.


Then I wondered – without discounting the fact it’s a huge lift to know people give a hoot I’m alive! – if Facebook is single-handedly demolishing the greeting card industry.


It’s so easy to write a “Happy Birthday!” note on Facebook. This makes an actual card much more significant because of the time investment. But, to be honest, if people wait on cards from me they’re going to assume I don’t love them at all.


I’m too busy wading through piles of laundry and getting vomited on in the middle of the night over here to dare drag my four hoodlums into the card aisle at the local superstore to try to do something as awesome as be thoughtful.


The next thing I realized after checking Facebook messages, is that I share my birthday with International Pirate Day.


Well, if that isn’t a kick?! This is certainly one of the holidays with mass appeal and deep social significance.


Kind of like me.


That’s the end of the deep thoughts I had before 7:30 a.m. on the anniversary of the day I came screaming into the world, startling my parents with my gender. They thought I would be a boy, but, alas, it was not to be.


I do hope you’ve had a great day. And if you’d like to give me a present, take a look at officially liking this blog by becoming a Facebook fan, or subscribing via email using that little bar at the top right hand corner of the website.


Share the love with your favorite pirate (or six).


(I’m waiting for Johnny Depp to show up at the Olive Garden tonight for my dinner party.)


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