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This morning I had to face the facts. I’ve changed.


At some point in my adult years I’ve morphed from the career-driven, high-heel wearing, mascara-toting woman into another gal… one who may or may not have dirt under her fingernails and listen to country music.


I’d like to call this new persona Hannah Homestead.


Not to scare you, but if Hannah Homestead can possess me there’s a chance she’ll stop by your house as well.


Hannah was so subtle in her takeover I didn’t even notice.


In fact, most days I still wake up and drink my designer-name coffee with frou-frou creamer and enjoy my fuzzy Snoozie slippers. I get my news on my smart phone, kiss my husband, and throw a Pop-Tart at the hungry savages who masquerade as my children.


But then, on other days (days that I attribute to Pinterest and Little House on the Prairie but are actually the evil plan of Hannah Homestead) I do things differently. A bit more off-beat. A tad… strange.


Hannah and I made apple butter yesterday. And then we canned it today.


Canning? This is quite unusual, in fact, a first. Hannah has taken over my life.


A list of the things that might make me a target for any yuppie in the neighborhood and easy mark for people trying to start their own survivalist community? I:



I can’t be blamed for this behavior – it’s all Hannah’s fault. The scary part is I’ve been enjoying doing these crazy activities!


It’s easier to believe this girl who isn’t itching to go to the mall is possessed by someone else, so I’m going to blame Hannah Homestead for my lack of interest in fashion or haircuts every 6-to-8 weeks.


Hannah lives here.


I don’t know if she’s going to stay, but, if she does, I hope she does an oil change on the Suburban or chops some wood.  I bet she can handle that.


Have you found your interests changing as you age? Is this a good thing, or just strange?

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