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The Babykeeper, a patent pending infant carrier seat that hangs from public bathroom stalls so you can go about your business without worrying where to put your baby /

This series on the Seven “C’s” of Success is inspired by Chris Widener. Join me by putting your own 250-word personal experience in the comments!


I saw a photo of a public bathroom, stalls in a line, a baby on the floor in front of the pedestal, flanked by its mama’s feet.


The comments on the photo were vicious, some going so far as to call the photo a clear case of child abuse.


While the photo did make my stomach turn, I would never call the action child abuse or even condemn the mother, as much can be solved with a bar of soap,  clean water, and a wash cloth!


(I’ve walked the streets of Chennai, India, where a rainstorm brings up puddles from the sewage system and it’s common to see floating excrement whirl away down the sidewalks. “Sanitation” has a flexible definition across the globe and yet the human population continues to grow.)


We make choices each day.


That mother chose to put her baby on the restroom floor. I choose to believe she was experiencing an intestinal emergency of stunning proportions because something distressing must have occurred to make the powder room deck a viable option for the baby!


(Everyone knows it is better to have a baby on the potentially waste-splattered tile than a mama sporting a full load in her underpants.)


We often make choices based on the lesser of two evils; one mentor told me he makes most of his life choices based on what he doesn’t want! Whether we like it or not, we have to make a choice… doing nothing is a choice all of its own!


Question: Do you choose success with each and every choice you make? Each choice you make either moves you toward your goal or away from it. Which do you choose? 



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