Classic Concentration

This series on the Seven “C’s” of Success is inspired by Chris Widener. Join me by putting your own 250-word personal experience in the comments!


My husband can create a “mix” and make several different layers of sound combine together into something auditorily pleasing using one of the boards with multitude of spinny things.


I can’t do that, I don’t even try. All those buttons are terribly intimidating; when I look at them I get light-headed.


I’ve found his familiarity with a sound board helps me out when describing one of the rare qualities of parenting: concentration.


I typically think of at least three things at once. On top of that my children each have several things going on and include me in their mental dialogue. It’s not uncommon for there to be five different bits of noise coming at me at the exact same time (Uno, Dos, Tres, Bubby, and Lizard) on top of my normal thought process that involves contemplating the political state of the country, balancing our household budget, planning for the next meal, wondering if that smell wafting past my nose belongs to my feet or a stray pickled egg, and reminding myself it’s almost time for an oil change.


It’s an exciting life I lead.


The lack of ability to concentrate continually on any one item is the most exhausting challenge I face. Being able to describe it to my husband in terms of layered audio changed his understanding of my experience – and helped him understand that sometimes when I have “screeching” feedback going on constantly it’s a gift to be able to enjoy silence.


Question: How is your concentration? Do you stick to your goal and focus firmly on it, or do you let your mind and heart wander from whim to whim? 


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