Consistency Wears Khaki

Uncle Knit Knots from Disney’s Imagination Movers. He’s consistent.

This series on the Seven “C’s” of Success is inspired by Chris Widener. Join me by putting your own 250-word personal experience in the comments!


Let’s be real. Even though we all know consistency is the key to exceptional relationships, there are moments when you throw your high ideals to the wind and yell, “Yes! We SHALL have ice cream for dinner and dance on the dining room table!!”


Don’t you do that? Really?! Well, we’ve been known to do it a time or two.


I believe there are some consistent ideals to consistently fight for because consistency is consistently the key to a consistent personality. Really.


For example:


  • I will consistently tell my kids they are not allowed to poop in the bathtub.
  • I will consistently carry a small jar of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt in the glove compartment of my vehicle so I can always be prepared with proper seasoning when eating McDonald’s french fries.
  • I will consistently choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi.
  • I will consistently choose to spend time with my husband because I like him.
  • I will consistently write at StealingFaith.
  • I will consistently tell the truth and share my life and opinions in an authentic way.


Consistency speaks love to the person who likes structure. It provides parameters in a a world of upheaval and surprise. Consistency says, “Slow and steady wins the race,” and gives “flashy” a solid slap to the jowls.


I used to think consistency’s favorite color was khaki because it was so boring. These days, however, I think it’s better represented by kind periwinkle blue.


Question: How is your consistency? Are you consistent? Are you doing the things you need to do each and every day that will bring your goal to you? 

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