“Me Likee!” Link Up – October 2012

It’s October. I still like other people’s stuff.

I usually have many, many more links than I can fit in one “Me Likee” link up each month. However, in October I found I’m scrabbling for my normal ten.


This is a sign of sleep deprivation. Instead of staying up and reading fascinating articles each night, I have been passing out on the sofa, then staggering to bed to drool on my pillow, intellectual stimulation missing.


Blame the baby.


All is not lost, however. The links I have for this month are quality, fun, and awesome. Click on through – you’ll be glad you did!


1. 10 Lessons from Einstein. Einstein had quite a cool perspective – and this list of 10 life lessons makes me really, really happy. So happy I think I’ll go watch IQ and wallow in love for Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, and Tim Robbins!


2. Ellen’s Scare Montage. I suppose the scare montage was created to honor Halloween, but regardless of the reasons, this little video makes me laugh really, really hard. Taylor Swift falls to the ground in terror… how can that not be awesome?!


3. Are Authors in their “Write” Minds? The short answer to this headline is, “No.” Authors, and all creative-types, have different brain activity from other humans. This post pulls together the research and offers encouragement and knowledge about our particular sickness. Bwa-ha-ha.


4. 15 Ways to Get Past an Awkward Moment. Seeing the dude fall down the stairs, get up, and walk off with pride is worth the view for this one. But wait – there are 14 other hilariously awkward interactions caught on tape. Funny, funny, funny.


5. Freezing Apples and What the Old Folks Taught Me. This month had me searching for apple recipes when three different apple trees rained their generosity upon my kitchen. My simple Google search for whether I could freeze my excess apples pulled this post – and some well-written wisdom. I guess mom knew what she was doing when she made those apple pies!


6. What Drives Editors Crazy. I love tips for beginners. For example, when you’re at a conference, always be cautious about your elevator conversation – you never know who might be cruising the Otis Elevator with you! This post covers some of the things that make an editor want to run with the Pamplona bulls. I will do my best to avoid them in the future!


7. Why We Vote for Liars. I don my best to encourage all StealingFaith readers to vote, without being to overbearing on who I think you should vote for. This post points out why Americans are permissive of lying on both sides of the aisle… and was an encouragement to me as I make my own election choices.


What were your favorite posts of the last month? Share in the comments so we can all enjoy them!

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