I’m A Winner?!

Help StealingFaith win!



I have been nominated in two categories for the Homeschool Post 2012 Blog Awards! (Funniest Homeschool Blog and Best Variety Blog)


Since my mom doesn’t use the internet, I can only assume some of you think Stealing Faith is pretty cool – thank you!!!


Now that the nominations are in, we have until November 16 to flood the voting in Stealing Faith’s favor… will you help?


The rules state you can vote once a day on any individual device you own. So that iTouch, laptop, smart phone, transistor radio… oh, wait. Maybe not the radio. Anyway, everything you own that connects to the internet is eligible to vote each and every day until November 16.


Get your clickers ready, my friends.


Here is how you can go to the individual award pages and vote. It takes a nimble, clicky-capable finger; I know you have those!


Funniest Homeschool Blog


Best Variety Blog


Now, please go vote for StealingFaith on every piece of technology you have, and share the links with your friends if you’ve ever cracked a smile while reading. Bribe them with bacon and gold stars to go vote themselves!


Then tomorrow, go do it again. Please.


Why? Because Stealing Faith is special. And you like it!


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