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So many of us wander through our lives, wondering if there’s really a reason for our existence, thinking our time on Earth is pointless.


It’s the melancholic angst of living. Some people literally wallow in the angst, while others simply pop into the state for a bit of tea every once in awhile… regardless of our staying power, we’ve all questioned the purpose of life.


It’s a rare time when the cosmic finger of God points out there’s a reason for being, but that’s exactly what happened for an unnamed 22-year-old  Pennsylvania man yesterday.


This young dude did his best to do himself in — twice — and, thwarted in his attempts at self-destruction, brushed himself off and went to work as expected.


These were not pitiful attempts at ending his life. In the first foray with death he hurled himself from a moving vehicle into the path of oncoming traffic on the interstate.


He survived.


I imagine he was confused and frustrated because about half an hour later he walked in front of a tractor trailer in a second attempt to shuffle off this mortal coil.


The tractor trailer swerved, but literally knocked him out of his shoes. The young man was unharmed, but missing shoes.


According to the Associated Press, this despondent man stood up, collected his shoes, slid down a hill by the interstate, and walked to work. His co-workers then made him go to the hospital for evaluation.


Now, one could look at this story and assume he was just really, really bad at committing suicide. I think that’s the wrong way to view this incident.


God wants that man alive for some purpose. I don’t know what it is, but there is definitely a reason he’s supposed to be around! I do hope he will stop and reconsider his choices and take the time to realize he has something to do on this Earth.


I can relate to this event because, even though I don’t have near-death experiences on a typical day, I still have something to do here each day. I don’t always have a clear picture of what that work looks like, but I know if I am willing to do it, God will place it in my hands.


Do you know the work you have to do today?



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