The Next Right Thing

rabbitI’ve had a pregnant rabbit living in my kitchen and we now have 8 little babies in there, too. It’s been so exciting I can’t manage to do much besides think about rabbits!


The mother is a first time mama, which can be a very stressful time for a rabbit. Many first time moms will make rookie mistakes that can cost the lives of the entire litter. This particular rabbit is doing amazing things, however, and I have high hopes for her maternal instinct!


I’ve been watching this mama rabbit closely since she’s been underfoot. She seems to take everything in stride and emanates a sense of calm.


In contrast, I have another doe about to give birth who is quite possibly psychotic. When I open the door to her cage she charges me, does twists and flips, and if I haven’t gotten out by then, will go to the back of the cage and just hop up and down. A friend calls this behavior the “bunny blender.”


I actually identify with both of these rabbits on some level. A year ago I was the bunny blender rabbit; easily upset, confused on all levels, and sometimes hopping mad.


Nowadays I think I relate to our more maternal doe; I’m more likely to let things go than I used to be. I still get upset and have my moments (occasionally several an hour!) but in general I am more pleasant.


What’s the key to this change? Well, a lot of things… and a lot of hard work sorting out emotions and actions, etc. But the biggest thing that has changed me?


Doing the next right thing.


It’s very simple. Whenever I start getting completely overwhelmed I stop, breath, and just do the next right thing.


I can figure out what the correct answer is for my life for the next five minutes or day… I often struggle when I try to come up with my five year plan! Focusing on the macro in times of stress can augment my tension. Stepping back and looking at the micro closely enough to see the next step needed – it helps me relax and laugh a little more.


It’s a simple strategy, but if you’re in a stressful situation give it a try.


What’s your next right thing?



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