Trending on Twitter.
Trending on Twitter.

#WhatHurtsTheMost is trending today on Twitter. It’s a collection of thoughts about the life situations that stick with people, along with snippets of the Rascal Flatts song by the same name.


For example:


#WhatHurtsTheMost is wanting pizza but having no money.

#WhatHurtsTheMost that summer tiptoe dance on concrete when you’re barefoot and trying to find the nearest patch of grass.

#WhatHurtsTheMost that awkward moment when you see your crush flirting with someone else.

#WhatHurtsTheMost is having six boxes of cereal in the cabinet and an empty gallon of milk.

#WhatHurtsTheMost Snapping one of your acrylic nails in half. Seriously, men, you have NO IDEA.

#WhatHurtsTheMost is that Dolores Umbridge wasn’t killed off instead of Dobby.


I’ve decided to continue the homage to Rascal Flatts and Twitter and share a few #WhatHurtsTheMost moments of parenting.


#WhatHurtsTheMost realizing your hips will never fit into your skinny jeans again. Nor will your bladder recover enough for trampoline fun.

#WhatHurtsTheMost watching one…more… episode of Dora the Explorer.

#WhatHurtsTheMost listening to your child practice the tin whistle.

#WhatHurtsTheMost your child stopped believing in a dream.

#WhatHurtsTheMost seeing them lose the baby fat off of their cheeks.

#WhatHurtsTheMost realizing the days are long but the years are short.

#WhatHurtsTheMost stepping on a Squinkie landmine.

#WhatHurtsTheMost the smell of spit up as a consistent spot on your shoulder.

#WhatHurtsTheMost realizing your child’s arms are too short for them to wipe yourself. And they won’t hit a growth spurt for 6 more months.

#WhatHurtsTheMost hearing your infant make a poopy diaper at 2:30 a.m.

#WhatHurtsTheMost feeling your heart break because they are so happy.

#WhatHurtsTheMost letting them pick their own clothing and then wear it in public.

#WhatHurtsTheMost… L… I… F… E…


What would your #WhatHurtsTheMost be?

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