What to Say When You Have Nothing to Say

1389974_49005427One of the biggest challenges in my life has been getting all the thoughts and plans out of my head and into the world of community. It’s very easy for me to live inside my brain!


This has caused problems for me on occasion, especially when I am certain I’ve had a conversation with my husband only to realize at a later moment I never said anything out loud, just played the discussion out in my head, creating my own version of the world.


That husband of mine – he’s very long-suffering.


Because I struggle with being potentially too introspective, there are many, many times I stare at my computer screen, knowing I have a blog post to write, wondering what on Earth I should say?!


It’s not that I don’t have anything on my mind – I always have something going on up there, but it’s not always linear, logical, or appropriate for sharing! And yet I need to write…


I’ve developed a few strategies for what to do when I need to say something but I have nothing to say.


1. Shower. There is something really magical about the shower. I don’t know if it’s the droning sound of the water, the scents of happy shampoos, or the glory of being completely warmed through, but many times the shower proves to be the genesis of unexpected genius.


2. Drive. If you’re struggling with what to say, take a drive! See new things, experience new people. You never know what adventure will be around the next corner – but I bet that adventure will be worth writing about!


3. Talk. Sometimes the best writing ideas come from sitting with a friend for a cup of coffee or playing a game with a good family friend. Something very cool happens when people get together for a laugh, isn’t that the truth!


What tactics have worked for you to get the creative juices flowing?



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