Six Days… and Counting

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Six days after the dreaded virus hit me I’m ready to at least open the computer up and let you know I’m alive.


Up until now I’ve believed there is nothing a solid dose of NyQuil and rest can’t cure. I have been forced to admit my ignorance…


I didn’t go to the doctor but I’m pretty sure I’ve had the head/chest version of the flu and whatever it is, it ain’t pretty. As I type Uno is in bed with similar symptoms… so there’s a reasonable chance things are going to be a bit sketchy around her for awhile longer.


C’est la vie.


I have very little to offer you in the way of engaging stories because I haven’t been connected to the outside world in order to be engaging. But I will share that I discovered Downton Abbey. When looking at a screen hasn’t made my eyeballs feel like explosive devices I’ve watched that show – and I’m officially addicted. I’m seasons behind, so don’t give away the endings but I’m certain I’ll catch up soon!


Good night and may good health haunt your home.


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