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I feel it’s important to let you know 45 people visited StealingFaith today using the search term “flying bunnies.”


They came across my posts about the Flying Rabbit Challenge, inspired by my chance meeting with a city official whose name means “flying rabbit” in German, but… really? Flying rabbits?! Search terms will never cease to amaze me.


Since it’s been a little while since I wrote about the search terms, I decided to check the stats to see if I can find a few more oddballs… The most bizarre terms (in my opinion) searched in the last 30 days and the number of people searching for them:


Gremlin: 162

Weiner Dog: 42

Mentholatum: 11

How to get married in six months: 16

Coyote ears: 5

Why do hotdogs make me burp: 3

Long distance romance pillows: 48

Uncle Knit Knots: 3

Facts about sock colors: 1

Does duct tape remove underarm hair: 1 (Related: chest hair removal duct tape (1) and games for youth groups that demonstrate faith (2))

Why do people steal Sensodyne: 1

Jalapeno taste like urine: 1

Childhood suppository stories: 1



Now, just like the Flying Rabbit Challenge post that inspired todays search engines – let’s have another challenge, shall we?


Your Challenge: Pick one or two of these search terms and give your best “background story” on why someone would be looking for these answers on Google. Post your explanations in the comments — I can’t wait to hear your theories!



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