86 the Daily for the Season

TodaysSpecial_0512_01I’ve removed the “daily.”


It’s fair to assume you’re not stalking the blog and you probably have a life, so you may or may not even care that the “daily” has been removed from the StealingFaith tagline “daily humor for relationships, family, and life.” But it’s significant to me so it’s worth mentioning.


Newsflash: StealingFaith has celebrated another year of humor this week! I’m thrilled to be seeing this, and a little awed at the amount of dedication I’ve produced to write, pretty much every day, for this long. I honestly didn’t know I had this in me when I started – expected it would be a phase that petered out before too long. I was wrong!


The thing is, this blog has taken on a life of its own and has overtaken pretty much everything in my life. Getting so sick a few weeks ago taught me something… the world continues to turn even if there’s no StealingFaith post for the day. That realization, sad but true, has caused me to take a step back and evaluate.


I love writing! Really! I love sharing the stories of my kiddos, realizations about how the world works, and encouraging you with a smile. Writing is a stress reliever for me and it seems you like to stop by and read – a gift I truly appreciate!


But this is a blog not a person and I need to turn down the pressure a little bit. While my intention is to continue to write every day, I’m not going to freak out if things get a little crazy and by the time I hit the end of the day I haven’t created anything worth hitting the “publish” button for.


So, I removed the “daily.” That’s all I have to say about that!



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