Blessed, Despite…

It has not been a banner day.


Our two youngest have some sort of mild sickness that leaves them feverish, grumpy, and uninterested in that healing balm, sleep. Thus, my own rest last night was skimpy. Prayer and coffee helped, but the majority of the day was touch and go.


Then the evening rolled around… and the toilet handle broke off. In a household of six with only one bathroom, this is AN EVENT. While driving the brakes on my dear Stella the Suburban slipped, proving we have a safety and security issue that must be fixed before she’s drivable again, and finally I found out I couldn’t pick up a prescription for the kiddos because it was called into the wrong pharmacy and that particular pharmacy closed before I could get there.


Sound crazy enough? I thought so.


But then, in the manner of all sweet husbands, Lizard got me a package of Peeps. This proved there was hope to be had in the midst of circumstances.


And while I was clearing the photos on my phone for more storage I came across this:




Puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it?


I’m a lucky gal… and you’re pretty lucky, too.


Have a good night, now, ya’ hear?



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