Walk Down Memory Lane

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I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to type because I have a lump of a grumpy little boy on my lap.


He’s wearing red and blue striped footie pajamas and snoring. His gums are very swollen and I can see boogers in both nostrils. If I rest my elbows on him he gets all grouchy and restless.


I started thinking about how a year ago he was still stuck inside my stomach. I couldn’t see my toes anymore and I had started to get the mixed look of shock and disdain in the grocery store when I went with all the kids and my visibly pregnant tummy.


A year ago today we had recently discovered he was a “he” instead of a “she” as the ultrasound tech originally thought. I was mourning the pink clothes I would never see on one of my children.
And in retrospect, it was good to mourn those clothes. There are MUCH cuter clothes for girls than for boys.


A year ago today Easter has just happened. I posted “How to Like – and Love – Your Spouse.” Lizard and I had forgotten to remove Uno’s tooth from her pillow and she became very disappointed in the Tooth Fairy.


Two years ago I was glued to the television watching Prince William and Kate Middleton get married and I was only a few weeks in to writing the crazy blog called StealingFaith.


Funny how time flies, isn’t it?! How the important things in life get gobbled up by the necessity of doing things.


Right now, my biggest need is to love on this little lump of a boy on my lap. So good night, my friends, good night. And two years from now many you happy with the choices you made today!





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