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Time for a confession: I’ve been known to weigh myself while holding a hairbrush so if the numbers come back higher than I prefer I can blame the styling tool.


I don’t single out the hairbrush as the scape goat; occasionally I blame a wrist watch, wedding ring, barrettes, or house slippers. Common sense tells me that all of these items, though they seem to not be heavy while wielding them in their useful capacity, are capable of adding anywhere from 4 ounces to 10 pounds to your body weight.




This love/hate relationship I with have with weight is beyond my understanding. After having four kids I’ve learned I rarely even look in the mirror for months postpartum.


I don’t typically pay a lot of attention to those numbers. Instead, when I get a fold of shirt stuck in between my ribs and stomach that creates a crease-line of sweat I know it’s time to trim things down a bit and embrace my inner veggie-eating rabbit.


When I stop to think about the actual numbers on the scale, I am puzzled. Why do we even care? The most popular post on this blog (by far!) is the one where I revealed most people prefer the shape of a woman who wears a size 12 dress size. Now, some people have claimed that’s a European number and it’s actually a U.S. size 8, but regardless of which country is used for measurement it’s patently obvious our ideal may be a size 0 but our preference includes a bit of padding.


I get caught up in blaming my hairbrush if the number on the scale doesn’t come back low enough… and then I shake my head, who cares?! That number has little to do with the health of my body… or the character I possess. My day to day should never be defined by digits.


As you know, I’ve started to memorize the Sermon on the Mount. It starts with the Beatitudes, which have made me realize a few areas I need to address when it comes to bettering myself.


Blessed are the peacemakers… the gentle… those who hunger and thirst after righteousness…


Funny. That list of blessedness doesn’t include descriptors I find myself admiring. Things like thin… funny… smart… capable.


Hmmm…. Maybe it’s time to give my hairbrush a break and try to add a bit more substance to my life that has nothing to do with fatty acids or Reese’s pieces!



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  • April 12, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    back to the battle myself.. gained some back


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