“Me Likee” Link Up – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Other Stuff June 2013

June 2013
June 2013

I haven’t been cruising the world wide web like I used to before a violent disease called exhaustion invaded my life. However, that just means the links I love are that much more lovable because they’re rare!


Here they are, links to things for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and all sorts of other good stuff, including a few places to go buys stuff if you’re so inclined.


1. Top 16 Worship Music Typos. Jon Acuff nails humor right on the head so very many times, and this post that shares reader submissions of the worst typos they’ve seen at church, well, it had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.


2. How to Raise a Child Who Isn’t Whiney or Annoying. This post made me think about the First World Problems of my every day life. Good stuff.


3. One Thing Your Daughter Doesn’t Need You To Say. As a perfectionist who is the child of a perfectionist, giving myself grace has been a task I don’t manage well. I appreciated the tack this post took as I think about my parenting style. In counterpoint to that post, read 12 Things Your Daughter Needs You To Say. I bet my son will appreciate hearing them, too!


4. Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Explains Why He Hates Fat Chicks. I wasn’t a fan of this company anyway, mostly because I think it’s terribly wrong to market adolescents as soft porn and call it selling a t-shirt, but this article made me even more disgusted with the company and its founding values.


5. I Love Moms or Something. Pretty sure this is going to go down as my very favorite song ever. It’s great – just watch. You’ll see!


6. The Important Thing About Yelling. This post caught me square between the eyes. I’ve heard it said yelling is the new spanking. That may or may not be true, but most every parent I know raises their voice more than they prefer – and this post is a beautiful take on an ugly subject.


7. 10 Famous Women on “Having It All.” Quite simply, this is quotes from women who may seem to “have it all” on “having it all.” I thought the age difference of those quoted was interesting as well; I think generations have something to do with their perspective.


8. 6 Words You Should Say Today. I’ve been practicing these six words with our kids – and I like the results a lot!


9. Awkward Fathers. The photos on Awkward Family Photos never disappoint – bu this Father’s Day tribute made me laugh and laugh and laugh!


10. A Father’s Letter of Apology to His Boys (For Father’s Day). I really, really appreciate Dr. Kelly Flanigan’s perspective on relationships and this post about what fatherhood means to him was just inspiring.


I have two links as a bonus to the “Me Likee” Link Up. Both are opportunities for you to take your hard-earned cash and direct it toward something local and reasonable.


1. Reconnect with Agriculture. I follow several blogs about urban homesteading and one, The Tiny Homesteaders, has caught my attention thoroughly. They recently had a rabbit sickness sweep their herd and they lost all of their rabbits to it, through no fault of their own. Anyone buying one of their bumper stickers will be helping them rebuild their rabbit herd. And that’s a cool thing.


2. Colorado Mama Naturals. Erin with Colorado Mama Naturals was kind enough to send me some sample products from her store – and they were great! I know her personally and believe in the products she’s selling and find her values of family, healthy living, and putting first things first align pretty thoroughly with my own. You might like what she has to offer – go check her out!


What links would you like to share this month in the “Me Likee” Link Up?



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