Would You Rather…? 50+ Questions to Engage Your Kids

Mexican Jumping Beans
Mexican Jumping Beans

Last night we went to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. In a restaurant. Yes, folks, we actually went into public with all of our children.


Since dinnertime at home typically resembles a case of Mexican Jumping Beans, I knew the smart move would be to prepare for the event. It took awhile, but I finally figured out what to do beside the traditional coloring pages:   Would you rather.


Yes, the game that, as college students, involved asking inappropriate, sometimes risqué questions where there’s really no good option but a choice must be made.


I tamed it down a bit for the youngsters and broke the questions out right after we ordered. It captured the attention of the 5-year-old and 7-year-old for the rest of the night, with the 3-year-old chiming in when she felt particularly inspired.


I’ve created a .pdf with more than 50 Would You Rather…? questions and you can get it right here: Would You Rather…? 50+ Questions to Engage Your Kids.   To whet your interest, Would You Rather…

  • Be forced to hop everywhere like a bunny or crawl like a slug?
  • Play Hungry, Hungry Hippos or tag as the only game for the rest of your life?
  • Put your hands in vomit or poop?
  • Be blind or deaf?
  • Be a giant hamster or tiny rhino?


Grab the whole list by clicking here and hitting print!


This post was originally published June 17, 2013 and is being recycled as part of the “I’ve Been Around” summer! Hope you enjoyed it and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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