Too Many Tabs

My computer has been having a break down. It starts exhibiting the rainbow wheel of death and then huffing and puffing at me with its fan and generally giving me the idea that I have royally ticked it off in some mystical manner.


I approached my resident computer expert, Lizard. Explained the situation. He happily walked over to my computer. Took a look. Reeled back from the computer as though it were a snake about to strike, and said, in a voice laden with accusation and incredulity, “Just how many tabs do you actually need open at one time?!”


I don’t have an answer for that because in this arena, need is a relative term. What I can say is that Pinterest was made for me when I believed it was a simple way to just keep track of interesting items or research topics. But now the super-cool folks have taken it over and when I visit Pinterest it’s always an attempt to learn how to do something in a way that’s way more creative than I can manage on my own or as a mental tool to confirm how woefully lacking I am as a mother/human being. Pinterest and I are really not friends.


So my next plan of attack is to right-click open all things. It works wonderfully! See a link you want to explore more later? Right click open a new tab. Researching for that road trip? Create a tab for each leg of the journey with a new tab. The possibilities are endless!


Then I began to notice a slight slowing of the loading speed of my web pages and thought, “Self, perhaps having 30+ tabs open in one browser window is confusing. You can’t really see the headings of the pages. This makes it difficult to navigate. Perhaps this is the reason the pages are loading slowly. Let us create a browser window for each topic of inquiry of the world wide webs.” And thus it was accomplished and for a time all things continued with purpose and speed.


Which leads me to my current issue. After Lizard acted so shocked, I decided to take stock of my computer habits. I currently have six browser windows up on my computer, and they have no less than five tabs open each (some… um…. significantly more…). It appears I’m going to have to channel my avenues of inquiry or face the disgruntled noises of my computer forever. Sigh.


How do you manage your computer tabs? Any hints for me?

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One thought on “Too Many Tabs

  • July 25, 2017 at 9:47 am

    I TOTALLY understand your dilemma and truly empathize with your plight! 😉 I too right click and open way too many tabs/windows and my computer geek son had about the same reaction as your resident computer expert!

    I’m trying to mend my ways, but am not having as much success as I really need. I currently have three windows open with 7, 11, and 3 tabs in each (and today’s a good day compared to some).

    When I realize things are slowing down too much, I start copying the urls into an e-mail to myself (or several, depending on how divergent the subject matters are) with the subject noted so I can find them later. Then I can close the tabs knowing that I’ll be able to find them at a later time (not that I often get back to them, but at least I’m feeling like I could if I need to).

    Now, if only someone could help me declutter & organize my e-mail!


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